Miller, L. Stephen
  • Director
  • Dr. Miller is Director of the Bio-Imaging Research Center, Professor in Department of Psychology. His research focus is on increasing the understanding of Central Nervous System mechanisms related to cognition seen in aging, aging pathology, and traumatic brain injury. More »
Zhao, Qun
  • Physicist
  • Dr. Zhao is Associate Professor in Department of Physics and is also Physicist at BIRC. His research in the MRI physics lab is centered on one of the most advanced imaging technologies, MRI, and its biomedical applications. More »
Hekmatyar, Khan
  • Assistant Research Scientist and Manager
  • Dr. Hekmatyar is Assistant Research Scientist and Manager. He has extensive experience in preclinical in vivo MRS/MRI imaging, particular expertise in imaging of neurodegenerative diseases in animals. More »
Mason, Kim
  • MRI Research Technologist
  • Ms. Mason is MRI Research Technologist at BIRC.
Scott, Michael
  • System Administrator
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  • Michael is a PhD student of computer science and is the internal system administrator at the BIRC.
Oliver, William
  • Research Assistant
  • Mr. Oliver is a clinical psychology doctoral student and is a research assistant at BIRC.
Lindbergh, Cutter
  • Research Assistant
  • Mr. Lindbergh is a clinical psychology Ph.D. student and research assistant at the BIRC. His research is broadly focused on the relationship between aging and cognition, with specific emphasis on the development of novel early detection strategies and interventions using both behavioral and neuroimaging techniques.