University of Georgia Bio-Imaging Research Center MRI

MRI Safety Training

BIRC offers monthly training sessions for individual researchers and their teams.

University of Georgia Bio-Imaging Research Center Director Brett Clementz

New Director

BIRC welcomes Brett Clementz, Distinguished Research Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience.

MCI machine


Jennifer McDowell, Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience, at the MRI console.

About the Bio-Imaging Research Center (BIRC)

BIRC is a multi-imaging research suite designed to provide a full range of biological tissue imaging technologies to multiple biomedical investigators in programs across the UGA campus, their students, and other researchers.

The state-of-the-art facility serves as a resource across disciplines and fosters collaborative, extramurally funded research among human, animal and cellular scientists at UGA and scientists in other federal, state and private agencies or businesses.

COVID-19 Operational Changes