InstrumentPrice per hour

GE HDx 3T MRI System
Student Rate** expires Sept 2, 2022$250.00
Remote Technologist Assistance$50.00

CTF MEG System
Student Rate** expires Sept 2, 2022$270.00

256-channel EEG System
Student Rate** expires Sept 2, 2022$50.00

Varian 7T Small Bore MRI System (formerly SAMMI)
Student Rate** expires Sept 2, 2022$50.00

Lunar GE PIXImus System for invivo bone and tissue density imaging for mice $25.00
Student Rate** expires Sept 2, 2022$12.50

Phlebotomy Services***
M-F 8am-5pm
per stick/draw

Services can be scheduled at any time following SRC and IRB approval. No-shows or cancellations within 24 hours of scheduled service will be billed for half an hour of service.

Remote technologist assistance. Applicable hours: weekdays before 8 am, after 5 pm; weekends and holidays. Remote technologist assistance for subject clearance and technical assistance will be billed at $50/hr.

**Student-rate is a 50% discount off of the full (regular hours) price and for projects where students will be the lead investigator and the lead author. The 50% discounted rate is the same regardless of data collection time (regular and off-hours have the same student rate of 50% reduction compared to the regular hours rate; there is no additional reduction for after hours data collection). This discount is specifically relevant for thesis and dissertation projects, but also can apply to post-doctoral projects with prior approval of the Director.

***Phlebotomy services require prior IRB approval and must be scheduled in advance, separately from imaging services.
Investigators must supply their own collection tubes.

Revised 7/2022.