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Georgia Emotion
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Principal Investigator: Dean Sabatinelli

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Assessments of Structural
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MRI Safety Training

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The Bio-imaging Research Center (BIRC)
is a multi-imaging research suite designed to provide a full
range of biological tissue imaging technologies to multiple
biomedical investigators in programs across the UGA campus, their
students, and other researchers. The state-of-the-art facility
serves as a resource across disciplines and fosters
collaborative, extramurally funded research among human, animal
and cellular scientists at UGA and scientists in other federal,
state and private agencies or businesses.

Notice to BIRC Investigators:

Effective January, 1, 2016, there will be a 10% rate increase for
services of the major BIRC technologies – 7T MRI (SAMMI); 3T MRI; MEG;
EEG. This is the FIRST rate increase for all but MEG since BIRC was
established, and first increase for MEG since 2009. Our other
technologies (Flourescence, mouse DEXA) will not see an increase at
this time. Details can be seen under the “Fees” schedule.

We continue to invest in our infrastructure including:

  • Upgrades to the software/firmware for the EEG and MEG analysis infrastructure.
    This has been completed.
  • Addition of 3D Arterial Spin Labeling MRI sequences for the 3T magnet. This will greatly expand opportunities for multiple investigators interested in cerebrovascular imaging.
    This has been completed.
  • Purchase of a Helium recovery system to reduce overall usage costs for the MEG system. This is funded jointly between OVPR and BIRC, with additional funds from Psychology Department.
    Installation is expected in late winter/early Spring 2016.